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Hadavi Corporation

Supplier of different kinds of Industrial Minerals

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Brief about Hadavi Corporation

Hadavi corporation is one of the major suppliers of minerals in Middle East with over 25 years of experience in the international market. It was founded initially with the aim of providing the customers with high quality Fluorspar and later expanded in order to supply different kinds of minerals as well.
Over the years, we have successfully built our clientele in Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Hadavi corporation supplies in a variety of forms ranging from natural rocks to very fine powder material. We provide the customers with their preferred quality, size and packaging and ensure to dedicate our expertise to offer high standards and fast delivery to our clients.



Heavy Additive in oil-well-drilling, Paper and Rubber industries, Filler or Extender ( in cloth, ink, plastic products, Tire, Brake shoe and paper ), Pharmaceutical industries, Radiography (barium milkshake ), scavenger alloys in vacuum tubes, Deoxidizer for copper, Lubricant for anode rotors in X-ray tubes, spark-plug alloys, make an expensive White Pigment, Explosives, Ceramic and Glass industries, Chemical industries.

Calcium Carbonate

Cosmetic products industries, Fiberglass industries, Filler in (Rubber, Plastics, PVC, Resins, Paints, Cable, Welding Electrodes, Artificial Leather), Soaps, Detergents.


Glass, Glaze and Ceramics and Glass industries, Pottery and Enamelware, Soaps, Abrasives, Bond for abrasive wheels, Cement and Concrete, Insulating compositions, Fertilizer, Poultry grit, Tarred roofing materials, sizing or filler in ( Paints, Tire, Textiles and Paper)

Fluorspar (metallurgical, ceramic and acid grade)

Refractory and Foundry, treatment of Bauxite which is the one of alumina, Flux in open heart steel furnaces, metal Smelting, Carbon Electrodes, Emery Wheels, electrics Arc Welders ( Welding Electrodes), Toothpaste, Paint pigment.

Zeolite (Natural)

Animal feed additives , Animal litter treatment , soil amendment , Ammonia removal in fish and shrimp farming , Plant growth medium , High cation exchange capacity , water and waste water treatment.

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